About Us

We specialize in preparing individual income tax returns and small business returns. We do not do LLC or corporation returns. All returns are electronically filed and we also prepare your state and local income tax return. We can do all state income tax returns from all over the United States. 

Mason financial services has been in business since 1977 and it has always been a family run business. William Mason Sr. was the founding father of the business which started out in a small office on Asheville St. in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia. 

In 1979 the business moved to Rhawn St. and has remained at this location to this day. William used the garage when he first moved as his office, and in 1988 built out his home to make the business bigger. 

Over the years, clients have seen numerous changes to the buildings and offices, both inside and out. Bill Sr. loved to keep clients guessing what was going to be different each year! Before every tax season, we send out a letter to all of our clients highlighting changes and information and staying in touch. This has been a tradition since the business started and clients look forward to these letters each year.

Mary Jane mason (Bill Sr.'s wife), stood by his side as his trusted assistant since the business started in 1977. She has developed many relationships with clients over the years and if you call in for an appointment or information you will likely hear her friendly voice on the phone. Mary Jane has been the office manager for many years, knows taxes and can help with many of the questions people have. 

William Mason II has now taken over the business from his father starting in 2022. He worked alongside his dad for 27 years, learning all the ins-and-outs of this business. He looks to continue his legacy and the future of the business.